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1st International Forum on Ecological Safety of the Black Sea:
Chemical Weapons-Foods-Health-Environment (IFGSBS 2018-2019)
13 October 2018, Odessa, Ukraine
State enterprise «Institute of Marine Biology, National Academy of Science of Ukraine»

Forum are devoted to discussion on ecological problems of Black Sea on identification, determination and liquidation of chemical weapon residues and other highly toxic materials as well as. On quality control and safety of food, agriculture products and pharmacy.

Chairs of Organizing Committee
Prof. Boris Alexandrov – SE “Institute of marine biology of the NAS of Ukraine ”, Odessa/Ukraine
Prof. Mehmet Yaman - Firat University. Elazig/Turkey
Prof. Alexander Zacharia - I.I.Mechnikov Odessa National University, «Institute of Strategic Investigation and Forecasting’s of Transatlantic Processes» (ISIFTP), Odessa/Ukraine
Prof. Dr. Yusuf Dilgin - Canakkale 18 Mart University, Canakkale/Turkey

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Boris ALEXANDROV SE “Institute of Marin Biology, National academy of sciences of Ukraine”, Odessa/Ukraine borys.aleksandrov@gmail.com
Prof. Dr. Mikhail ROZHNOV SE “Ukrmetrteststandart”, Kiev/Ukraine  molar@ukrcsm.kiev.ua
Dr. Ekaterina ABUSELIDZE SE “Odesstandardmetrology”, Odessa/Ukraine  info@sm.od.ua
Prof. Dr. Alexander ZACHARIA I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, «Institute of Strategic Investigation and Forecasting’s of Transatlantic Processes» (ISIFTP) / Ukraine A191047@i.ua
Prof. Dr. Irina Karadjova Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Sofia/Bulgaria karadjova@chem.uni-sofia.bg
Prof. Dr. Yusuf DILGIN Canakkale 18 Mart University. Canakkale/Turkey ydilgin@yahoo.com
Prof. Dr. Mustafa CULHA Yeditepe University/Turkey mculha2@gmail.com
Prof. Dr. Bekir SALIH Hacettepe University/Turkey  bekirsal@gmail.com
Prof. Dr. Mehmet YAMAN Firat University. Elazig/Turkey ijpacmy@gmail.com
Prof. Dr. Ali ALKAN Karadeniz Teknik Universitesi /Turkey aalkan@ktu.edu.tr
Prof. Dr. Oleksandr SHCHYPTSOV SE “Scientific Hydrophysical Centre of NANU”/Ukraine shiptsov53@gmail.com
Prof. Dr. Volodymir GANDZYURA Taras Shevchenko National university of Kiev/Ukraine gandzyura@gmail.com
Prof. Dr. Valeriy MIKHAILOV Scientific Research Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "The State Oceanarium"/ Odessa/Ukraine tsb@ukr.net
Prof. Irina KRAVCHENKO Odessa National Polytechnic University/Ukraine kravchenko.pharm@gmail.com
Dr. Anatoly POLISCHUK “INFOXVOD CHANNEL”, Odessa/Ukraine ab@infoxvod.com.ua
Dipl. Ing. Elena DERBOGLAV Company “Center of Environmental Problems and   Initiatives”, Odessa/Ukraine   Derboglave@ukr.net
Prof. Dr. Marcello LOCATELLI Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry University "G. d'Annunzio" of Chieti-Pescara/Italy m.locatelli@unich.it
Volodymyr GENYK Ukraine – NATO Civic League/Odessa, Ukraine vgenyk@ukr.net
Gennady KRUK “Institute of Strategic Investigation and Forecasting’s of Transatlantic Processes”/Odessa, Ukraine genadiy-kr@ukr.net


  • Black Sea problems on ecology with effect of chemical weapons damped on the Second World War times as well as other hazardous chemicals.
  • Identification, utilization and destruction of chemical weapon in the coastal part of the Black Sea.
  • Modern methods of analytical chemistry for quality control of agricultural and foods products.
  • Development of pharmaceutical products and technological control of their quality.
  • State of the art logistics, methods of implementation of relevant measurements, methodology.
  • Regulatory documentation and training of specialists for the performance of laboratory activity related to the conducting of chemical and analytical research.







Jury Dimchoglo - vice-Chairman of the Odessa Regional Council, Alexander Zacharia, Boris Alexandrov, Mehmet Yaman


“Recent Black Sea as “an ecological target”

Boris Alexandrov


"Hazards associated with exposure to chemical warfare agents: arsenic compounds" 

Mehmet Yaman


“Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Weapon: The state of art in Ukraine”

Alexander Zacharia


Coffee break



"Analytical measurements at trace levels for early warning of NBC weapons"

Bekir Salih


“Surface-enhanced based detection and identifications of biological molecules and organization”

Mustafa Culha


"Electrochemical determination of pesticides in foods and water samples"

Yusuf Dilgin


“Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in marine organisms of the Black Sea”

Ali Alkan


“Modern foods and environmental analyses:  Trends and perspectives” (by Skype)

Marcello Locatelli


“Filter-furnace with carbon thread as effective tool for the direct electrothermal atomic absorption determination of As in natural waters”

Anatoly Polischuk





Discussion and adopted a Resolution of IFCSBS 2018-2019 and organizing question of 1st International Forum «Ecological Safety of the Black Sea: Chemical Weapons-Foods-Health-Environment”



“Round table” and closing ceremony of the IFCSBS 2018-2019


The Forum will be held 13 October 2018, 37 Pushkinskaya Str. (V floor), 65011 Odessa, UKRAINE. Registration:  09.00- 09.30
We are kindly ask to send you Registration form in our address (imb@nas.gov.ua, A191047@i.ua) before September 15, 2018.